Assessment of Migrants Competences in the elderly care ( and

The AmiCo project aimed to promote the introduction and implementation of the credit system ECVET for the elderly care in the five countries involved in this project: Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria. The project promoted the mobility of qualified workers across Europe and their integration on the labor market in migrating countries, as well as transparency regarding skills needed in elderly care and assessment of previously acquired skills that are relevant to professional care of seniors. Through an assessment tool based on Internet use, an important guideline was provided to migrant workers, for organizations in the field of education and vocational orientation, for employers and for key actors on the labor market (eg. employment agencies) .
The AmiCo project had two main objectives:

1. The implementation and the use of ECVET (European system for the accumulation and transfer of credit points in vocational education and training) in the field of elderly care in the concerned countries;

2. The promotion of the mobility of qualified staff in elderly care sector in Europe;
The AmiCo website and the AmiCo tool provides not only information and guidance to the elderly care professionals in Romania and Poland about the labor market in countries where they work. They enable the institutions for elderly care, the home care providers and private employment agencies in the field of elderly care in Italy and Germany, to hire staff with the right skills and qualifications. Naturally, AmiCo products can be used by organizations from the vocational education and counseling of employers and labor market stakeholders field (ex.: labor agencies, centers for finding a job).
AmiCo has developed a multilingual and informational webpage and a self-assessment Internet-based tool (AmiCo tool) to provide crucial guidelines mentioned above.
The Internet-based Tool resulted offers to the persons who are working in elderly care the possibility to evaluate the relevant professional experience and skills acquired in a formal, informal or non-formal way.
The tool provides transparency regarding the professional profiles and areas of activity in elderly care in the five countries involved in this project. It allows the identification of matches / differences, and provides to the individual users recommendations regarding the additional competences that they have to acquire before migrating.