”C2E – Care to Entrepreneurship” is an Erasmus+ KA2 project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ National Agency in UK, which is implemented for 2 years (01.04.2018 – 31.03.2020).

It is estimated there are more than 100 million carers in Europe – people who can constantly take care of a child, a sick person, an elderly person or someone with disabilities. This accounts for about one fifth of the entire European population. The vast majority of them are young people, mostly girls.

According to European statistics, young carers confronts with obstacles in education, training and employment. They acquire in their work a series of skills and competencies that, with the right support, can lead to the development of their own social business and entrepreneurial activities, in a Europe marked by a high level of unemployment among young people. In this context, social entrepreneurship represents a viable solution of (self)employment that facilitates the access of young carers to the labor market, also contributing to the welfare of the community by solving the pressing social problems.

Aim of the project

Responding to the priorities of the Lisbon Agenda and the Europe 2020 Strategy that promote entrepreneurship as a key element of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, C2E targets young carers aged 18-30 with a special focus on women from low income families, for nurturing their practical, creative and entrepreneurial abilities, and insert them on the labor market.

Major results

  • Developing educational and training tools in the project based on the experience and practical knowledge of young carers;
  • Constructing new training curricula and courses (online and face to face) for young carers that will allow them to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and competences to become young entrepreneurs;
  • Testing and implementing training material in the UK, Greece, Italy, Romania and Belgium;
  • Using the comparative learning for informing national and EU-wide practices and policies.

”C2E – Care to Entrepreneurship” is implemented by IARS International Institute UK in partnership with 4 European partners:

Kentro Merimnas Oikogenieas Paidiou – KMOP (Greece);

Asociația Habilitas – Centru de Resurse și Formare Profesională(Romania);

Anziani e Non Solo – ANS (Italy);

Diesis Coop (Belgium).


Project website: www.c2eproject.org

Project Fb page: /c2eproject