PARENTBANK – ‘Enhancing the social inclusion of low income single parents’ is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships in Adult Education project, financed by the European Commission through A.N.P.C.D.E.F.P.

It has a duration of 2 years (2019-2021) – Project Number: 2019-1-RO01-KA204-063798

The project aims at facilitating the labor market integration of low-income single-parents by promoting their access to childcare and other service that they may be unable to afford through the time-banking (providing services to one another) and by developing their skills and entrepreneurial spirit, which can improve their employment status. Time banking is a reciprocity-based work trading system in which hours are the currency. It is a form of community currency, which enables a person with one skill set to trade hours of work with someone with another skill set, without any money changing hands.


• To support single parents who are low-skilled/qualified in order to foster their employability

• To extend the competences of professionals, who support single parents, in the teaching of numeracy, entrepreneurial and digital skills

• To encourage low-skilled/low-qualified single parents to develop and upgrade their literacy, numeracy, digital, entrepreneurship competences

• To promote access of low-income single parents to childcare and other services through time-banking, that can support their entry into the labor market or further training


  • A training programme for professionals who support single parents, in the teaching of literacy, numeracy, entrepreneurial and digital skills. This output will enable professionals to provide tailored training and support to single parents in developing these skills and key competences, in order to foster their employability and socio-educational and personal development (which also enhance their social inclusion).
  •  A training programme for the building of literacy, numeracy, digital competences, sense of initiative, and entrepreneurial skills of low-skilled single parents. Through this output, trainees will have the opportunity to engage in learning related to real-world tasks, careers and experiences that can give them a deeper understanding of concepts and develop their capacities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
  •  A guide for the development of a time-bank business plan & the developed sustainability strategy. This output will enable the creation and running of an online time bank by the trained single parents, as well as the support of other single parents interested in developing and sustaining such an initiative.
  • A single parents’ online time bank piloted. Single parents will be able to exchange all kinds of services,  that they may not be able to afford, enabling them to go back to work or training, and find better employment.
  • A peer-to-peer outreach strategy to engage more single parents in the time bank system. This strategy will enable the single parents involved in the running of the online time bank to carry out awareness raising/outreach actions in order to motivate their peers to get actively involved in the online time bank communities, and/or upgrade their literacy, mathematical, digital and/or entrepreneurial skills through e-learning.


AsociatiaHabilitas – Centru de ResursesiFormareProfesionala – Romania – coordinator

KMOP – Greece

SIF – Lithuania

Know and How Association – Bulgaria

Parents’ Association Step by Step – Croatia

Asociacion Caminos – Spain

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