Improving transparency for Department Coordinators in long term care facilities (

The aim of the project: to improve the transparency and to facilitate the recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications for the professional profile of the department coordinator at European level. Project partners have made efforts related to assessment procedures, transfer, validation and accumulation of learning outcomes achieved in formal, non – formal and informal education, for developing and implementing of methods and transferable guidelines for dividing qualifications in learning units with the allocation of ECVET points, based on the ECVET technical specifications for developing and testing the quality standards for the application of ECVET system to national, sectorial or transnational qualifications, with the objective to deliver an ECVET quality certificate for these qualifications, and finally, the ECVET system was tested for the professional profile of the department coordinator of long-term care institutions .

The project coordinator was Kairos S.p.A Italy.
The partner countries in the project were: Italy, Romania, Germany, France.