The “$E$ – Social and Economic Support for vulnerable people” is a project co-financed by the European Social Fund through POSDRU – Invest in people! (structural funds) – aiming the promotion of social inclusion and the economic development in Romania. This project aims to facilitate the access to the labor market of the most economically and socially disadvantaged persons.

The main objective of the project is to promote the social economy, as an active and viable mechanism that generates social and professional inclusion of vulnerable people through their personal and professional development by creating social enterprises and by disseminating best practice models.

During the project there will be created 10 new social enterprises, of which four social economic structures in urban areas – Bucharest-Ilfov region: an online store, an integrated archive services enterprise, a manufacture handicrafts workshop, which will have also the status of an authorized protected unit (UPA) in the Southeast region, a home care center for the elderly and six social economic structures in rural areas: a center for integrated socio-professional assistance (training, placement of vulnerable people plus cleaning services) in West region, a carpenter’s shop, traditional wooden objects, a production unit for decorative candles and natural soaps and a processing center for fruits and vegetables using traditional methods in the South West, a medical rehabilitation center for children, a center that provides home care giving.

The target group includes 420 people from vulnerable groups: 29 Roma people, 71 people with disabilities, 13 young people over 18 years old leaving the child protection system, 97 people from families with more than 2 children, 40 people who left school early, 75 women at risk, 87 people living on minimum guaranteed income, 8 persons affected by occupational diseases.

The project is implemented by ONPHR in partnership with CRPG-Gaia Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (Portugal), Inimă de Copil Foundation – Galaţi, HABILITAS Association – Centru de Resurse şi Formare Profesională, Caleidoscop Association pentru Dezvoltare Comunitară, the Association for Dialogue and Civic Education Ai Grijă de Mine, CONSILIER-VEST Association. The project’s duration is 1 year.

The HABILITAS Association – Resource and Training Centre has already created an economic social structure called S.C. Comunitas Help S.R.L. which aims to provide home care services to older persons in Bucharest and cleaning services. In this unit will be hired more people from vulnerable groups, in order to facilitate the access on the labor market of people from disadvantaged groups.

You can find detailed information about Comunitas Help on the website: