Education PrOgram for Carers in Facilities with Neuro-Disabled Subjects(EPoCFiNDS)

An Erasmus + project coordinated by National Technical University of Athens (Greece), which started in 2018 and will end in 2021, in which Habilitas is one of the partners.

Goal: The EPoCFiNDS project meets the Horizontal priority of social inclusion because it aims to create an education system for carers for people with neuro-disabilities. A better care improves vastly the physical conditions and the quality of life of the disabled subject. In addition, EPoCFiNDS has formed a consortium consisting of clinical facilities and education foundations which ensures work-based learning and application of the new acquired skills in practical real-life conditions.

Workshops will occur in all clinical sites in the total of 6 different cities in Europe, Denmark, United Kingdom, Romania, Greece and Cyprus, in order to exchange good practices and specific know how, enhancing the mobility of the staff of partners. EPoCFiNDS further and enhancing learning and training using an e-learning platform which will be the key component to accessing knowledge and methods for carers.